Top 7 Important Characteristics of a Good Business Watch

Watches are very useful tool to get you updated and disciplined and now it's far more a style and status symbol when it comes to business watch, a good business leather watch should have the premium quality and design that suits your style and embrace your overall personality and status, we noted 7 important points for you to consider when planning to buy a good business watch.
  1. The material of a watch

  • When buying a good business watch, the first thing you should consider the case material of a watch, it must be at least made of stainless steel. titanium or ceramic has the better and harder quality but they also have a way higher price tag. stainless steel has far better than normal (steel) as it's not affected by moisture and perspiration.
  • A good PVD coating would be a better quality sign as the color stay the same for years whether its rose gold, silver or black.
  • The weight of the watch also determines the quality of metal used in it, it simply feels the purity and toughness of its kind.



  1. Design of a watch

It's also important to have a look of the design of a watch, a better design and perfect look that suits your boldness can enhance your overall personality and it shows how credible and discipline you are. A high-quality business luxury watch with premium design always inspire to be the best version of your self and show the world your greatness.



  1. Watch Glass

A good quality watch glass has an addition to increase the durability and lifespan of a watch, a quality watch always has sapphire glass that gives you the freedom to use the watch frequently no matter how violently you use it, the sapphire glass makes it scratch free, clean and transparent.



  1. The watch movement

The engineering of the watch is what makes it working and shows the right time always 24/7 365, a good quality watch must have quartz movement or certified mechanical movement that powered by the battery, Quartz movement required less moving parts that make it more accurate and also affordable at the same time.



  1. Water resistance of a watch

You will find water resistance features in a good quality watch. it can be an extra addition that enhances the quality and durability of the watch, 10 ATM water resistant watches can be better choice for you if you love to swimming because it can resistant 100 meters or(10 bar) water pressure while 5 ATM can resistant the water while you showering and 3 ATM when just washing hands or get stuck in rain. So you can choose the resistance of a watch according to your own uses and need.


  1. The watch strap

After considering the quality parameters of the case now it comes to the strap as it's also a major part of a watch what holds the watch on your wrist. when we talk about business watch the first thing came out of mind is a leather strap as most trending business watches has leather straps and it's very obvious to wear a business leather watch because it completely matches with the personality of a businessman.

The watch strap should make of good quality leather and has stunning bold colors like reddish brown, black, light brown or blue.



  1. Affordability of a watch

Now everyone has their own budget and affordability, so you should find a store where you can have a good quality business leather watch at an affordable prices under $100 to $500, you should always consider in mind that there is a difference between cheap and affordable, when we say affordable it has the premium quality that a business leather watch should have with an affordable price tag still if your pocket allows you can find watches up to $10,000 out there.

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